NLCTop newsNLC Fall Open: Playoffs Ahead!

NLC Fall Open: Playoffs Ahead!

16 teams entered the group stage and we are now down to 8 teams who will be competing in the quarter finals. This weekend we will be crowning the NLC Fall Open Champions and the first prize of 8 000 Euro!

With the group stage behind us we had the following group standings on Sunday.

To ensure that you are not missing a single moment of League of Legends action over the course of the weekend the schedule can be found below.

Thursday Nov 12th

18:00 CET Barrage vs Tricked
21:00 CET Dusty vs Viking Esports 

Friday Nov 13th

18:00 CET UniQ esports Club vs ENCE
21:00 CET NVision vs Absolved 

Saturday Nov 14th

18:00 CET Winner of Barrage vs Tricked & Winner of UniQ vs ENCE
21:00 CET Winner of Dusty vs Viking & Winner of NVision vs Absolved

Sunday Nov 15th

18:00 CET Grand Final

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