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Survival Guide NLC Fall Open

This tournament is made for the teams and players competing in the Nordic, UK and Ireland Region to end the 2021 season on a high note. All teams participating in the NLC, UKLC, top two teams from Iceland Open and Telia Esport Series regional leagues can join to compete for the prize pool of 24 000 EUR!

Teams will reach the main event either by qualifying or being invited directly to it based on their performance during the Summer split in their respective region.


Group A

Riddle Esports




Nvision Esports


XY Esports



Group B

Viking Esports




UniQ Esports Club


Plejehjemmet Kalder



Group C



Team Singularity




MNM Gaming Main Team



Group D

Tricked Esport


Nordavind Black




Nordavind White


Roster Submission and Rulebook

All eligible teams for the tournament have been issued a sheet where they need to state their roster lineup for the tournament. The roster submitted needs to be in line with the eligibility requirements featured in the rulebook (linked below).

The deadline for roster submission is Oct 4 end of day.

Rulebook here

Qualifier 1

Oct 16
19:00 CEST Round 1

Oct 17
13:00 CEST Round 2
16:45 CEST Round 3

Oct 18
13:00 CEST Round 4
16:45 CEST Round 5

Qualifier 2

Oct 23
19:00 CEST Round 1

Oct 24
13:00 CEST Round 2
16:45 CEST Round 3

Oct 25
13:00 CEST Round 4
16:45 CEST Round 5

Community Broadcaster Coverage

Registrations for providing coverage for the qualifiers have closed on Oct 2.

See list of broadcasters

Main Event

The main event of NLC Fall Open starts with the Group Stage that will be played in a BO3 GSL format. The playoffs continue the week after with a single elimination BO3 bracket. The Grand Finals will be played BO5.

Here's an overview of the schedule. Please note that this is the initial schedule draft of the main event and updates might occur.

Group Stage

Nov 5
18:00 CET Round 1 Groups A & B
21:00 CET Round 2 Groups C & D 

Nov 6
18:00 CET Upper Match Groups A & B 
21:00 CET Upper Match Groups C & D

Nov 7
18:00 CET Lower Match Groups A & B 
21:00 CET Lower Match Groups C & D

Nov 8
18:00 CET Decider Match Groups A & B 
21:00 CET Decider Match Groups C & D


Nov 12
18:00 CET Quarterfinals 1
21:00 CET Quarterfinals 2

Nov 13
18:00 CET Quarterfinals 3
21:00 CET Quarterfinals 4

Nov 14
18:00 CET Semifinals 1
21:00 CET Semifinals 2

Nov 15
18:00 CET Grand Finals (BO5)

Prize Pool Distribution

  • 1st: 8,000 EUR
  • 2nd: 5,000 EUR
  • 3rd - 4th: 2,500 EUR
  • 5th - 8th: 1,500 EUR

How to watch

DreamHack will provide official coverage of the NLC Fall Open main event on the official NLC twitch channel. To follow the qualifiers, make sure to follow our social media to get a notification when we have the full lineup of community broadcasters ready!