NLC Spring 2021: Week 3 Wrap

More than halfway of the season has passed with Week 3 now behind us, and only two weeks of the regular season remains. Let’s take a look back once more at the action packed Week 3 and see what lies ahead after.

Day 1

Our first game of the day was the contest between two teams that were aiming to topple BT Excel: Tricked Esport vs Granit Gaming. While Granit had a lot of momentum coming in from last week, Tricked shut down any hope of victory. With winning lanes all across, every fight had ‘Tricked’ stamped on it and they marched on to take the win.

BT Excel vs Godsent was up next. In another David vs Goliath match….Goliath won. As we expect from Excel, they stepped on the pedal and never let up. Excel only needed to find a small handful of teamfights before snowballing their lead to an insurmountable amount. They finished the game at 28 minutes, ending with a 15.6k gold difference!

Dusty vs Nordavind was the third match, with Dusty still looking for their first win. Nordavind actually lead the game for 33 minutes in gold, drakes and towers but Dusty never gave up. This was a bloody game (45 kills) and incredibly back and forth, but after Dusty’s second Baron they found the crucial pick they needed to end at 35 minutes. 

The final game was Team Singularity taking on KOVA Esports, with KOVA midlaner Proker picking the first Anivia of NLC spring. Unfortunately Singularity were too dominant, with midlaner Furuy showing why Seraphine is one of the most banned champions so far (he went 8/0/6). Singularity claimed the Baron at 26 minutes and took the win two minutes later.

Day 2

For Day 2 we start with Fnatic Rising vs MNM Gaming. Even though MNM got First Blood by ambushing jungler Maxi, the game was mostly downhill from there. While MNM did punish Fnatic several times due to overaggressive plays, unfortunately Fnaitc like in their previous games proved too strong and eventually won the game.

Riddle Esports vs Barrage Esports was up next. Barrage once again came in with all guns firing and despite their gold lead, teamfights were occasionally quite close and Barrage’s overeagerness would cost them some fights. But as the game got later, Riddle could not stop Barrage’s constant advance. Barrage secured another win.

For Game 3: Godsent vs Granit. Granit tried to employ a peculiar AP Twitch bot-lane strategy, but it did not pan out as Godsent constantly targeted bot-lane. Godsent played patiently, slowly accruing a lead and after a Baron fight at 26 minutes went their way they marched on into the base, taking the win at 29 minutes just after the Baron Buff timed out.

Fittingly, the last game in Tricked Esport vs Dusty would be the craziest one to close out Day 2. Despite a clear fight and Baron going over to Tricked at 25:41, like their game against Nordavind, Dusty refused to yield. But the way the game played out towards the end dumbfounded the casting crew as both teams constantly made a series of comical decisions, which eventually cost Dusty dearly as Tricked finally closed the game out.

Day 3

The first game of Day 3: Nordavind vs Excel. Both teams were surprisingly close and no one really pulled clear, even though Excel had a stronger early game. However, a heroic Baron steal from jungler Sharp at 28 minutes turned the tides. Nordavind’s Mr. Reliable in Chrisberg then became unstoppable as late game approached, and they took Excel’s base thereafter in probably the biggest upset of the season thus far.

MNM vs KOVA was up next and just like the first time, it was another roller coaster of emotions. KOVA and MNM aimed to teamfight at every chance, and even with KOVA’s advantages they had a lot of trouble finishing the game. Eventually, KOVA baited MNM at the Elder Dragon before a backdoor to take an open Nexus sealed their win.

Barrage vs Fnatic was the third game and Fnatic were out for vengeance. Barrage fought back hard and were even until a big fight at 18 minutes went south for them. In true Fnatic fashion, they hard snowballed this advantage into an avalanche. Fnatic constantly caught Barrage and punished all their plays before taking the win.

The final game of Week 3 would be Riddle vs Singularity. Both teams were more or less even till a big fight for the infernal drake at 18 minutes gave Singularity the edge. They then played it steadily to snowball their lead, but Riddle fought on fearlessly. However, Singularity proved too strong and after securing the second Baron it was over. Singularity ties for top in Group B. 

Preview for Week 3

Very few expected BT Excel to lose to Nordavind, and with that loss Group A has a tie at the top. Who is the best team in Group A? We will find out on Day 3 next week as Excel takes on Tricked!

The rest of the group is in flux right now, with anyone seemingly able to both rise and fall. Dusty and Nordavind in particular could potentially be very dangerous right now, especially Nordavind. They face Tricked on Day 1, can they find the same form as they did against Excel? 

Group B too is tied, after Fnatic defeated Barrage. And for Week 4, we will once again see who truly rules the group with two key games in Singularity vs Barrage and Singularity vs Fnatic.

KOVA, MNM and Riddle are still an uphill battle and it doesn’t get easier for them. KOVA face Fnatic and MNM face Barrage, while Riddle face KOVA and MNM. On paper Riddle could leapfrog ahead, but after all the upsets that have happened, who can truly say?

Week 4 looms ahead, and after that only one more week of the regular season remains. Who do you think will top both groups? Let us know on Twitter @NLClol!

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