NLC is back for Summer!

The 2021 Spring split is fully over and EU Masters has concluded and it is time to look ahead for the Summer!

This Summer all teams will be playing more matches across the split meaning there is more League of Legends to enjoy from Northern Europe! 

The NLC Summer split is scheduled to start the first week of June with its roster lock being on May 24th. The regular season that will span across eight weeks until July 20th. All teams will still be divided into two divisions where they face each other twice across but new for this summer is that we are adding cross division play! This separates the summer regular season split into three phases. 

Phase 1

Teams play each other within their divisions in a round robin format best of 1 across six play days. 

Phase 2

Cross Division play starts where all the teams face each other across the two divisions in a single round robin format that is best of 1 for seven play days.  

Phase 3

Teams return to their respective divisions to play their second round of round robin best of 1 matches for another four play days. 

This means that each team will be playing 16 regular season matches which is six more than the Spring split of 2021. 

Entering the playoffs stage

The top three teams from each division will reach the playoffs where the two group winners will be placed in the upper bracket meanwhile the runner up and third placing team from each group will start from the lower bracket. The full playoffs will be played over four days where the Grand Finals will take place on August 8th where it will be decided which teams will be advancing to the European Masters Summer! 

Stay tuned for more updates regarding the NLC Summer Split of 2021! As always, remember to throw a follow on:






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