NLCNewsNLC Fall Open: Time for the first qualifier!

NLC Fall Open: Time for the first qualifier!

Time flies and it is time to present the bracket of the first NLC Fall Open qualifier taking place between Oct 16 - Oct 18! 22 teams will compete for four spots to the main event starting in November. 

In round 1 starting Friday 19:00 CEST of the qualifiers we have the following matches:

  • Enclave vs London Esports

  • Nordic Dogs vs Lundqvist Lightside

  • Atlando vs Wizard

  • Invunerables esport vs Domino Esport

  • Masonic vs Barrage Academy

  • Vanir vs Resolve

Meanwhile, these teams will be starting from round 2 and playing from 13:00 CEST Saturday:

  • Barrage: Facing winner of Enclave vs London esports
  • Granit Gaming vs Absolved
  • ENCE: Facing winner of Nordic Dogs vs Lundqvist Lightside
  • MnM Gaming: Facing winner of Atlando vs Wizard
  • Nordavind: Facing winner of Invulnerables esport vs Domino esport
  • Viking esports vs NYYRIKKI
  • Dusty: Facing winner of Masonic vs Barrage Academy
  • Team Singularity: Facing winner of Vanir vs Resolve

See the full bracket to view all the potential matches. We will also provide you with the full list next weekend of all the Community Broadcasters covering the tournament All info about the NLC Fall Open can be found in the Survival Guide.