NLCNewsNLC Fall Open: The Qualifier Broadcasters

NLC Fall Open: The Qualifier Broadcasters

The first qualifier is drawing close and we are happy to bring you the list of Community Broadcasters that will be covering the qualifiers!

Check out the full list of the broadcasters below (in alphabetical order) and you can find out more by clicking on their channels.


Absolved will be streaming their matches with a few familiar faces! We're looking forward to facing some strong teams in the NLC Fall Open qualifiers and hope you stop by and show your support!

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Demb will be broadcasting and following the storylines of the Danish and Icelandic orgs throughout the qualifiers, bringing in guests like FittleLoL to co-cast the games.

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Fløng Esports

Fløng Esports will broadcast as many games as possible with a duo cast in English, by upcoming Danish casters. These guys will make sure that you entertained all the way, both by the action on and off the rift!

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Matti "Toaster154" will be covering the matches from Granit Gaming in the qualifier. Several newer casters will be offered the opportunity to join the broadcast and cover the matches throughout the weekends.

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Invulnerables Esports

Covering all of our team's games in English for the qualifiers, and potentially other big matchups depending on our performance. Our casters for the qualifiers will be @Jacob_Hail and @MBintcliffe!

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London Esports

We will be covering all the London Esports games across the first qualifier. Hoping to make it all the way, but we will be producing great content nonetheless!

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Providing coverage of all of their games, including their Academy team. Nordavind will continue to entertain us with a mix on analysis and colorful casting, so no game will feel the same!

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Phoenix Rising Productions

We are a quality League of Legends broadcast service that features MightyRai on the play-by-play and Mak Dewey on the color cast. We bring high energy casting and a fun interactive environment for the viewers.

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We will be following the Norwegian teams in the open qualifiers as we really want to showcase Norwegian up and coming stars. Coverage will be provided in Norwegian by KekMek and TheWanderingPro.

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Here at SQ1, we have a reputation of high quality and entertaining broadcasts. Our production team made up of talented, young, and driven individuals, is dedicated to bringing you content of the highest level.

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The UKEL will be providing coverage of the UK-based organizations competing in the qualifiers! Talent on the cast will include the likes of Jamada, Viperoon and Darxil, more familiar faces, and veterans of the UK League of Legends scene.

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Qualifier 1 starts on Friday, Oct 16, and you can read up on all the details such as teams and schedule in our Survival Guide!

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